Lady Feature – Kelsey

By Kristin Re|June 11, 2017|Uncategorized|0 comments

Meet Kelsey What draws you to climbing/ how has Climbing affected your life? “I have grown up with a family who doesn’t like climbing or the outdoors much, so for me I had to learn everything on my own, take risk and try new things to find my passions. I set goals for myself so I could prove to people who told me, “ you’re crazy for wanting to climb 10

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Lady Feature – Carly

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Meet Carly – from South Carolina How has climbing affected your life? “I always say it took moving from the mountains to the lowcountry to realize how much I love the mountains. I started climbing my senior year of high school in New Hampshire, after giving in to the relentless badgering of my history teacher to join our school’s climbing club. And though I enjoyed it immensely, I never gave

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Should I?

By Kristin Re|April 12, 2017|Uncategorized|1 comments

We all have expectations, both for ourselves and others, and about many different things. I expect that my husband will do the dishes after I cook, though this expectation is not always met. It’s easier to get over unmet expectations when they depend on others, but when it’s ourselves who do not live up to our own expectations, it’s much more difficult to forgive. For the last few years, I’ve

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