Kristin Re
Kristin is a mother and teacher in Providence, RI. She is involved in the local climbing community, but also travels to climb as frequently as possible. Kristin teaches ladies bouldering clinics in the northeast, and hopes to lead many women’s excursions this year. She is passionate about climbing and advancing women’s expectations for themselves and their lives. Kristin is always striving to improve, try hard, and to find her next inspiring climbing project.

Kelsey Confreda
Kelsey is a pizza lover, route setter, and nerd living in New Orleans, LA. Last August, Kelsey helped open the city’s only rock climbing gym. She spends her days pretending she knows how to run a business at New Orleans Boulder Lounge (NOBL), and trying to build a climbing community in a city below sea level. With a brand new climbing community, Kelsey has been an advocate for women-centric activities at NOBL in hopes of creating a welcoming and less intimidating environment for everyone who is interested in climbing. She’s also down to smash the patriarchy – starting with climbing.