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Who We Are

The Ladies Climbing Coalition is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to connect and empower women through climbing. We strive to build community and foster positivity, inspiration, motivation, and growth,

Rock climbing is a passion. It’s a sport that can provide incredible physical and mental challenge. It forces you to solve problems, push yourself physically, and overcome mental hurdles. It can also provide entryway to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and into a community filled with intelligent, caring, and supportive individuals. 

Breaking into climbing can sometimes be intimidating, and so climbing with other women can help alleviate some of the intimidation. It also just changes the experience of climbing. Hanging out, especially in nature, with a group of women is powerful, and we strive to show all women their own power and the power of the female community.

Ladies Climbing Coalition ambassadors host ladies meet-ups in many cities, and we coordinate and facilitate low-cost climbing trips around the country for women. We strive to be a presence in the climbing community and in our efforts, are always looking to expand our impact. Please reach out if you have questions or interest in collaborating. 


Kelsey Confreda – Cofounder

New Orleans – Louisiana
Kelsey is a pizza lover, route setter, and nerd living in New Orleans, LA. Last August, Kelsey helped open the city’s only rock climbing gym. She spends her days pretending she knows how to run a business at New Orleans Boulder Lounge (NOBL), and trying to build a climbing community in a city below sea level. With a brand new climbing community, Kelsey has been an advocate for women-centric activities at NOBL in hopes of creating a welcoming and less intimidating environment for everyone who is interested in climbing. She’s also down to smash the patriarchy – starting with climbing.

Kristin Re – CoFounder 

Providence – Rhode Island

Kristin is a mother, teacher, and avid climber. She’s very involved in the local climbing community, and strives to make it a fun and welcoming place for all. She travels to climb as frequently as possible, and her favorite thing to do is take off in the van with her family and dirtbag it for as long as possible, climbing as much as they can. Climbing with friends, especially female friends is also Kristin’s happy place. Her other passions include art, social justice, food, and learning new things. She is always striving to improve, try hard, and to find her next inspiring climbing project. Contact Kristin at kristin@ladiesclimbingcoalition.com