Ambassador Profile – Jennifer Legaspi

Ambassador Profile – Jennifer Legaspi

A long way from her home of Syracuse, New York, Jen Legaspi spoke with me about her experiences that lead her to the unifying sport of rock climbing. Ever since she was a child she found herself climbing anything in sight that she could get her hands on. It wasn’t until her sophomore year at WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts, that she truly became hooked on the sport. Once her interest was sparked, she spent all her time in the WPI climbing gym.

Like many other climbers, Jen found that team sports were not her niche as a kid, but found the individual challenge of climbing addictive. While she enjoys the ability to problem solve routes individually, she loves the significant community that surrounds the climbing scene, and enjoys collaborating with other climbers to figure out beta. One of the most important lessons she has learned from climbing is accepting failure. Jen believes once people understand what it means to fail, they can surpass so many imagined barriers.

When it comes to outdoor climbing, Jen was initially more interested in sport climbing than bouldering, but found that in the gym it was the opposite. Now that she’s trained more in the gym and gained strength as well as patience, she finds that she enjoys bouldering outside as well. Amongst her sport and bouldering background, Jen also enjoys ice climbing and trad climbing.

After 8 years of climbing, Jen’s goals as a Ladies Climbing Coalition Ambassador is to lead outdoor trips as well as gym meetups. Specifically, Jen hopes to guide newer climbers through their learning experience. Learning on her own taught her many important lessons that she hopes to share so that new climbers avoid making the same mistakes she did. For women climbers, she hopes to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming and warm. Individually, Jen wants to work on taking lead falls and pushing past her own mental barriers.

Some of her favorite places to climb include Leavenworth, Washington for bouldering, and Rumney, New Hampshire, as well as Red River Gorge for sport climbing. Outside of climbing, Jen enjoys making jewelry, doing arts and crafts, writing articles, volunteering for IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and maybe staying way too busy! To stay updated on Jen’s journey, you can follow her Instagram at jfie52.

Interview and Article by Meghan Braley 

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