Lady Feature – Kelsey

Meet Kelsey

What draws you to climbing/ how has Climbing affected your life?

“I have grown up with a family who doesn’t like climbing or the outdoors much, so for me I had to learn everything on my own, take risk and try new things to find my passions. I set goals for myself so I could prove to people who told me, “ you’re crazy for wanting to climb 10 feet with out a rope” or “ you are insane to trust someone to belay you up”. I have also been athletic but this is different aspect of athletic. I like climbing because climbing doesn’t set any boundaries for people to start, everyone starts from the same place and it doesn’t matter age, gender, athletic level, or ability. Climbing is more about working hard and practicing your climbing skills; allowing the people to set goals and prove to themselve that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. I have proven to myself that whatever i set my mind to i can achieve through climbing and i love to teach people that that are capable if anything. I often volunteer, have worked with camps in ropes position to show the new generation anything is possible and they can possible gain a new passion in life just like I did.”
If you want to connect with and follow Kelsey on Instagram, check her out @tn_kelso
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