Lady Feature – Carly

Meet Carly – from South Carolina

How has climbing affected your life?

“I always say it took moving from the mountains to the lowcountry to realize how much I love the mountains. I started climbing my senior year of high school in New Hampshire, after giving in to the relentless badgering of my history teacher to join our school’s climbing club. And though I enjoyed it immensely, I never gave much thought into how it would affect my life. When trying to decide what college to attend, I wanted to be somewhere I could climb but still be near the ocean (I’m a marine biology student so proximity to the ocean is very necessary). A humble bouldering gym in the heart of downtown Charleston sealed the deal and when my first semester of college began, I joined the school’s club and purchased my gym membership without hesitation. Little did I know how it would transform me. I started climbing much more frequently than I ever did in high school, was introduced to southern sandstone, camped for the first time (I know, crazy!) and met some pretty awesome people along the way.
I’ve come a long way since that very first Climbing Club meeting: I’ve not only become a better climber, but I discovered a side of myself that I’d never known (the dirtbag), a side that I take a lot of pride in and set my life on a course I’d never expected. I am now the “unofficial” Climbing Club photographer (I absolutely love taking photographs of people climbing) and am the current President of the College of Charleston Outdoors Club, leading backpacking, hiking and climbing trips, which wouldn’t be so if it weren’t for the people I met through climbing.
In a sense, I think climbing has allowed me to become the woman I was always meant to be. Which is pretty damn cool if you think about it.”
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